Booking Details

The following list will answer most of your questions. If you would like very detailed information, please click here to download a sample performance contact and technical rider.

How long is the performance?
The performance itself is 65 minutes. I usually talk for about 5 minutes before and after as well.

From looking at your Featurette it looks like this is a complicated show. We don't usually bring in anything like this. How hard is it to host a perfornace?
Logistically speaking this is simple show and requires little technical support from the venue. The show is designed to be flexible and work in a variety of spaces and for a wide-range of audiences. I'm a great problem solver and will help you to make this event a memorable and positive experience.

What are the space requirements for this performance?
I can literally make any space work. That said, the ideal performance area is 13 feet high, 20 feet wide, 20 feet deep. The most important dimension is the height, the other dimensions are more flexible. This space can be multileveled (ex. the front of a church). I've performed in theatres, large gymnasiums, class rooms, churches, and more. Please be creative. Sometimes a performance in an unlikely space turns into a surprisingly powerful experience.

I see you use a projector. How dim does the space need to be?
Ambient light should be kept to a minimum. Please cover any windows or choose an evening performance time. The show is much more powerful when the space can get very dark.

What kind of lighting do you need?
Very dim overhead lighting works best. Most of the light for the show comes from the projector and the three lamps I use, but having a tiny bit of general overhead lighting to supplement is good. For venues with general theatre-style lighting or dimmable track lighting this is simple. If that is not available we can often find a creative way to accomplish that lighting need another.

Do you travel with your own sound equipment?

I also bring my own wireless headmic along with the base station receiver. I prefer that the venue provide their own PA system (stereo loudspeakers and sub woofer, 2 monitors, mixer, DVD player and cables) however I can also bring my traveling system (at no charge) if that would work better. It depends on what kind of set-up you have as to which system would work better.

What about the projector?
I usually bring my own projector unless you prefer to use your (you can indicate that on the contract). Keep in mind, though, that the projector cannot be ceiling mounted. It needs to be movable and project from a stand on the floor.

Do you need a screen for the projector?
No, all the images project on the hanging silk that is part of my set. I also provide all my own props.

What kind of personnel do you need the venue to provide?
SOUND: I need one person to monitor my sound levels. This is relatively simple for someone who has had even minimal experience with sound. The levels are basically preset, it just helps to have someone available to keep a good balance between my live vocals and the background sounds that play off of the DVD. There will be a 30-45 minute sound check before the performance where I will give this person all the details.

LIGHTS: This is an extremely simple job. I need one person to adjust the stage lights at the beginning and end of the performance and, in venues with dimmable lighting, at one point during the performance.

LOAD-IN/LOAD-OUT: I appreciate 1-2 people to help me unload my equipment before the show and load up after.

OTHER: I would appreciate having 1-2 people to usher and someone to introduce me at the start of the performance. Many of these jobs, including sound and lights, can be taken care of by the same person.

What kind of power needs do you have?
I need at least two working power outlets within 30 feet of the performance space. I travel with plenty of extension cords.

How do I publicize the event?
I have a lot of ideas regarding publicity and printable posters at

Should I make programs?

Yes. I have programs available at . Please print out and construct the appropriate amount for the performance. Thank you.

How does a typical performance day go?
Click here for details.

Do you need a place to stay when you perform?
Yes. The venue usually provides a guest room in a residence or a hotel room for the night of the performance. If there is a morning performance I would need a place to stay the night before the performance. I travel alone and make a charming houseguest.

Do you need us to provide food for you?
Yes. The venue typically provides a meal or a meal stipend for me before the performance.

Do you charge for travel?
Yes, but the rates are very flexible depending on my schedule and how many shows I'm doing in your area. Please contact me for details.

Will you have DVDs available at the performance?
Yes. They are also available online at

Any other questions? Contact me below. Thank you.


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