Joanne Metcalf
Joanne Metcalf
Professor of Composition
Lawrence University
Artistic Director
PCPA Theaterfest
Associate Dean
Allan Hancock College
"Because [Jonathon] is to technically accomplished as a composer, he always seems somehow to find just the perfect note to express the emotion of the moment. And I think in that he's really got something quite special and out of the ordinary."
"This is a piece with a great deal of personal commitment and passion and I think it is of particular value for those that are in the young adult or teen age groups...I strongly encourage you to have that experience."

Resident Equity Actor
PCPA Theaterfest
"[Jonathon] has a very engaging persona which draws the audience in and made us want to follow the story and follow his journey. "

"Project a hit with all age groups"
Jean Peerenboom

Green Bay Press Gazette, WI

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The following quotes are from letters written by two students involved in Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, a national Collegiate Christian organization. I highly encourage those in collegiate organizations to download and read the letters.
Ann Miller, Graduate student at Fuller Theological Seminary:
"Jonathan's performance of Project Paul itself is simply beautiful... It was unlike anything I'd ever seen before, and certainly the most unique Christian art I've ever experienced. Paul became to me more than just the kindly man who said wise and eloquent things and wrote beautiful letters, but a man who grieved, sinned, wandered without understanding, and at times felt like a child, yet also loved God with passion, prayed with his whole being, loved spreading the Gospel, was torn apart by sin, and walked with purpose.   All of these aspects of Paul came through in Jonathon's performance."  DOWNLOAD ENTIRE LETTER

James Hall, Senior Intervarsity member at Lawrence University:
As a musician and artist, I find the current state of Christian artwork to be troubling.  It seems that current Christian artists fall into two categories:  reactionary conservatives or blind adherents to current popular style.  It seems that in the past 200 years, Christian artists have ceased to be cultural innovators, disregarding God's call to worship with all one's body, mind, and spirit in favor of evoking various sorts of sensationalist feelings among the faithful.  Jon Roberts breaks this trend with his one-man performance Project Paul ...Roberts breathes life into the writings of Paul, capturing the passionate emotion behind his letters...His interpretations are scripturally sound, doctrinally fluid, and passionately humble.     DOWNLOAD ENTIRE LETTER

Joanne Metcalf

From review of "Picasso at the Lapin Agile"
by Steve Martin

"Jonathon is as talented a sound designer as anyone I've ever worked with in my 15-year professional career. He has an uncanny ability to find a sonic metaphor for the action on stage that perfectly reflects the deepest meanings of the play. That is a rare and highly valued talent."

"Jonathon M.T. Roberts is worthy of special praise. His work is so unobtrusive and yet so reinforcing, so easily layering the show forward, that it defines good sound design."
-Alex Henteloff, Casa Santa Barbara
September, 2005

"Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift."


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