My grace is sufficient for you.

"And in my frailty,
the power of God is made more evident.
So for this I suffer gladly."

The Apostle Paul

Saul, as he was first named, was born to a Jewish father in a Roman university city around the same time as Jesus' birth. Throughout his childhood, Saul devoutly studied Law.   His advanced work led him to Jerusalem as a teenager.  

After the death of Jesus, Christianity was becoming widespread. Although he never met Jesus, Saul became passionately involved in leading the persecution of the followers of Christ. Among those whose deaths Saul oversaw was Stephen, an outspoken Christian leader.

While on his way to stop Christianity from reaching the commercial port of Damascus, Saul was struck blind by a bright light.   Jesus appeared to him and called him to spread his teachings to Jews and Gentiles, kings and common people alike.

Paul regained most of his sight, met with Jesus' disciples to express his sincerity, and began passionately testifying that salvation comes through faith in Jesus, not by obedience to the law. This aroused great controversy, specifically from his former circles.

With help from his sisters and brothers in faith, Paul fostered groups of believers throughout the Mediterranean world, as far away as Italy. With his diverse background in Jewish law, Roman tradition, and Greek culture, Paul was adept at reaching a wide range of people. He traveled by land and sea, shepherding his dear friends with frequent visits and letters.   

All the while Paul was intensely persecuted, frequently imprisoned, beaten, and often left for dead for his beliefs.   With plans to reach Spain (or after a possible visit), Paul was captured one last time and beheaded near Rome circa 67 A.D.


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