Rates vary depending on the venue, location and audience. We are flexible and want to bring this work to as many people as possible.

Please contact for a price quote.

Pricing ranges from $400 for small churches or college groups through $750 for college campus activities offices. Sometimes we are able to do a show for just a freewill offering at smaller churches.

The venue also typically provides the following:
-One night lodging after the performance (hotel room or spare room at residence)
-One meal before the performance
-Travel reimbursement
-PA System (see Tech Rider). Contact me if this is not possible as we have a traveling PA system as well.

Please see Technical Rider for logistical details.

For more detailed information download a sample Performance Contract.

We are always try to find a way to work within your budget so don't hesitate to contact us.


The compensation can be achieved through any payment, ticket sales, audience donations, matching funds, outside donations or any combination. I understand each venue is different and I can help you find the best way within your budget.

A portion of proceeds are donated to three excellent charities I have met while on tour.

Click here for ideas to help smaller venues afford a show.

Click here for information on using Project Paul as a Fund Raiser.


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