Publicity Here are some tools to help you publicize the event.

Click below to download this poster
8.5 x 11 (.pdf)
(eye designed by Scott Baye)

Poster may also be reduced for postcards.

Write your show info in the empty space->

Click below to download this alternative poster (.pdf) by Justine Reimnitz.

Write your show info in the empty space--->

Project Paul Poster

Paul Postcards Click below to download Project Paul postcards.

These can printed four to a page on cardstock, cut, and mailed to area churches, schools, theaters, or individuals to invite them to the show. Just insert your show info on the front or back and mail.

The Trailer The Project Paul trailer can be used as a preview for an upcoming performance. Try playing after a church service or theater show, before a campus organization event, or running it at the college cafeteria.

Go to the CLIPS page to download.


Click here to download programs for the event.

Please print and construct appropriate amount. Thanks.

Print pages 1 on back
of page 2, Fold.

Other Ideas
-When time permits, personally inviting people (even over phone) is BY FAR most effective
-College Organizations: Co-sponsor the event with other groups will greatly increase attendance.
-Try electronic music clubs, Art/Film groups, Theater, Veritas Forum, Psychology, Habitat for Humanity
-Send a public service announcement to area radio stations. Click for sample PSA.
-Send a press release to area newspapers.
-When in doubt try a sandwich board.


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